Gemstone Gem of the Day - Trapiches

I'm trying not to buy any new gemstones until I use the ones I already have (I definitely have an addiction!!!), but I still love looking at pictures and learning about them. So I decided to write about the things I learn in case you guys find it interesting, too. 

My news feed app has a few sources for jewelry news, and one of them recently had an article about trapiche emeralds.

I'd never heard this word before, but the article explained that while the crystal is forming, carbon impurities can fill in at the crystal junctions and form a six-point star-shaped pattern. Besides emeralds, specimens of traphiche sapphires, tourmaline, garnet, quartz, spinel, and aquamarine have all been found. These stones all form crystals in a highly symmetric way that makes the spokes or arms of the star.

Trapiches aren't that uncommon, but it is rare for them to be formed in a way that can be cut into a cabochon or faceted stone for making jewelry. 

Once I knew what they were, I realized that I had one of these stones once 😯 It was a half-round rutilated quartz with a high dome that I bought at a gem show. It wasn't the clearest quartz, but it was very cool and I didn't realize what a good deal I'd gotten on it. I made a pendant out of it and sold in in 2016. I wish I'd taken a better picture of it, but at that time I was mostly selling in the gallery where I worked, so I didn't need lots of photos to list pieces online. You can definitely see the star shape at the top left of the stone, though. 

Pendant with trapiche rutilated quartz by Danielle Easler

If you want to go down a beautiful rabbit hole, look up images of trapiche stones online 😍😍😍 You're welcome!

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