Help! What Size is My Finger?

Have you ever held back from ordering a ring online for fear of ordering the wrong size? You’re definitely not alone. But it doesn’t have to be a painful process. Here are some suggestions to help!

Any jewelry shop will size your finger, just walk in and ask. It only takes a minute, although you would have to leave your house. (The horror!)

If you let them know that you’re unsure of your size, I and many other jewelry artists and online retailers will mail you a plastic ring sizer that you slide on to measure your finger, sometimes for free and sometimes for a dollar or two. 

There are online ring sizers where you print and cut out a little ruler and wrap that around your finger, but they are not always sized to industry standards. I did just find about a cool and free app called Ring Sizer that seems like the best way to find your ring size at home. I tried it out and it’s easy to use and accurate. 

One last thing I will mention: the width of the ring band affects the sizing. Wider bands will make a ring fit as if it were a smaller size. So ask the designer or retailer if they are giving the ring size by diameter (in which case you should order a larger size) or if the ring actually fits as that size. 

I hope these tips will save you some worry and hassle 😉

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