What’s Going On This Week

It’s been an interesting week, with some bad news and some good news.

Sadly, Wooden Stone Gallery in Davidson, NC is closing. It’s a lovely place and they’ve been so supportive of my work; I’ll always remember it fondly. I had brought in a good bit of jewelry just before the holidays, so I picked it up yesterday and have been working on photographing it and getting the listings ready to go. Here’s some photos from my time working at the gallery I found while I was feeling nostalgic yesterday:

One of the displays of my jewelry - this whole case was filled with dried black beans as a decorative touch, but they’d been there for years and needed to go. So I scooped out dozens of pounds of beans before I set this up and took the picture.

The gallery sponsored the Davidson Farmers Market, so we’d rotate who manned the table there on Saturday mornings. We’d take a nice selection of art that we thought might sell well. It was always fun! That’s me and Lynn, one of my favorite managers, setting up before the market started.

Anyway, some of the pieces I picked up Friday will be going with my next shipment to With These Hands Gallery in Edisto Beach. I’ll be making a few more things to add to that package next week. Here’s what I have so far:

There’s been a few website orders, and I’ve got a couple of custom orders in the works: some earrings for my mother-in-law and a multi-stone necklace in lapis, cherry quartz, and aventurine to match a pair of earrings a customer bought a few years ago. It’s probably going to be a few more weeks until the stones are delivered for the necklace - it’s hard to wait because I really want to get started on it and see how it turns out!

That’s how my week is going; how about yours? What have you got going on, and what’s keeping you sane in these insane times?

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