How do I return a piece of jewelry if it doesn't work out?

I want you to be happy with your purchase for years to come! I'm just one person making jewelry in my workshop, not a large, faceless company. So if there's a problem (a defect, it doesn't fit, wasn't what you were expecting... whatever!) please let me know; just click here to contact me. I have a 30-day return policy, and we can arrange a refund, exchange, or repair - whatever works best for the situation.

How do I clean my jewelry?

Good question! Especially if this is your first time buying sterling silver or mixed metal jewelry, you may wonder how to keep it clean without damaging it. I include a mini polishing cloth with every order to help with that. Your jewelry will thank you if you don't wear it in the shower or the swimming pool, since minerals and chemicals can damage or tarnish it. Here are some other helpful guidelines for different types of jewelry:

Sterling silver: Sterling silver jewelry lasts for years, with just a little time and attention. Pure silver (or fine silver) is 99.9% silver and is usually used for investment and trading purposes. It's very soft and usually isn't used to make jewelry. "Sterling" means 92.5% silver, mixed with copper for strength. With exposure to air, oils in your skin, and humidity, a layer of oxidization or tarnish will form on the surface.

To reduce tarnishing, you can wash your sterling silver jewelry with mild dish soap and water after wearing it. Storing jewelry in zip-top bags (this is what I do with my inventory) or an air-tight jewelry box also helps. Or you can buy anti-tarnish strips to put in your jewelry box.

If your piece has lightly tarnished, you can use a polishing cloth like the one I include with every order to gently wipe it off. You could also use either toothpaste or baking soda and water on an old toothbrush to shine it up.

Even badly tarnished pieces aren't a hopeless case, but they might need a silver cleanser like the one made by Wright's to get them back to pristine condition. 

Copper: When I make pieces from copper, I apply a protective coating to protect your skin and preserve the finish. This will last for a long time with no need to polish. If you notice that the coating has started to wear off, wipe off any tarnish with a cleaning cloth and brush it with a light coat of clear nail polish, and you're good to go.

Mixed metal: I use either brass or copper with sterling silver in my mixed metal jewelry. Brass oxidizes similarly to sterling silver, so you can clean a brass and silver piece exactly the same way you'd clean one that was all sterling. When I use copper in mixed metal jewelry, I coat the copper parts with protective finish. So copper and sterling pieces can also be cleaned the same way you'd clean all-silver pieces.  

Gemstones: You'll want to take off jewelry with stones in it before exercising or working with your hands, because some gemstones can be damaged or break if they're hit. The best way to clean the stone is with a mild dish detergent and water.

Some stones are softer or more delicate than others. Organic gemstones like pearls, amber, or coral are porous and should never be exposed to chemicals in hairspray, makeup, or perfume (just make sure they're the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off). Turquoise and opals are also softer than other stones and should be stored separately so they aren't scratched by your other jewelry.

Where do you get your ideas?

Ooh, this is a tough one - I get them from everywhere! Sometimes a stone will have a unique shape or color, and that gives me the idea for a piece. Or maybe I'll see a shoe buckle or part of a building's architecture that is put together in a cool way. And then there's tons of inspiration in nature - the color combinations in a flower or a landscape, the curve of a leaf or branch, there's just so much beauty there. I have a notebook at home and an app that lets me draw in my phone so I can jot the design down before I forget.

I have another question that's not on this page! How do I get an answer?

No problem! I check my email really often so I usually answer questions the same day. Just click here to get in touch!